Rilakkuma u sus

rilakkuma just gets me tho u know



Thank you Willy Cheesesteak for the shop.

What happened to that boy?


Paa Drop One Lookbook
-the first lookbook from New York based accessory brand Paa, features strong looks from some of their favorite shop owners around the city, sporting hats from their first offering. Click here to check out the rest of the lookbook and click here to view our stock of Paa hats. 
photographed by Brian Ferry

I am selling a BUNCH of fly shit for REALLY cheap



feel better nico

das it mane

Anonymous asked:
what's ur fave wong kar wai movie and why?

That is a great question. I really love Chung King Express and Days of Being Wild. I love how both managed to make you relate to a character as you witnessed their emotional toil. It was heartbreaking in a beautiful way. 

Anonymous asked:
how come you don't wear the soloist anymore? you're like all #menswear

I only own 1 piece by the soloist. I wear engineered garments every day pretty much. Lifting weights took priority, It’s just clothing. Life goes on.


In Medias Res // Scott Mirtsopoulos, V.

last day, y’all/


In Medias Res // Scott Mirtsopoulos, IV.